3rd MASSTWIN Exploratory Workshop in Halle, Germany, November 14 - 16, 2018 / 26.09.2018

Exploratory Workshop on the use of stable isotopes techniques for assessing biogeochemical cycling of contaminants and nutrients will be organised jointly by the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research Halle (UFZ) and  IPREM/CNRS/Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour (France). More...

The goal of this exploratory workshop was to bring together European experts who make use of a diverse palette of stable isotope techniques to address very different scientific and practical questions for providing a better understanding of natural environmental processes and for managing human impact on water, soil, atmosphere and biosphere. The objective of the workshop was to show and discuss how stable isotope laboratory techniques and the respective data produced can be utilized for real-world-applications to follow pathways of contaminant transport and degradation, to reveal process details controlling nutrient cycling in anthropogenic and natural environmental settings, and to model and predict future scenarios with respect to environmental quality of all different compartments. 

Some of the presentations: 

Singly and doubly substituted isotopocules of nitrous oxide and their application in environmental studies (K. Kantnerova)

How can we use compound-specific isotope data to model organic contaminants in catchments? (S. Lutz)

Biogeochemistry of Hg unraveled by its isotopic signatures (D. Amouroux)

Assessing sources of cave air CO2 (B. Krajnc)