Contact: Prof. Milena Horvat

The health-related research conducted in MASSTWIN is focused to following topics:

  • Development and validation of MS based multi-residue analytical method(s) for the simultaneous determination of organic contaminants and their metabolites in biological matrices and assessment of their residue human exposure (in collaboration with UA)
  • Improved characterisation of elemental species in target tissue and organs by using of ICP- MS and GC/HPLC/UPLC-ICP-MS methods (In collaboration with  IPRAM/UPPA)
  • Understanding metallodrug delivery and interactions with biomolecules by applying HPLC- ICP-MS, ESI-MS-MS and/or MALDI MS analysis (in collaboration with IPREM/UPPA)
  • The use of Multi-collector ICP-MS to perform Isotope imaging in small volumes of biological samples and its application with the use of multi-elemental isotopic signals to track the bioaccumulation and metabolic pathways of essential (Se, Cu, Zn, Fe) and potentially toxic elements (Pb, Cd, Cr, Hg) (in collaboration with IPREM/UPPA)
  • Identification of relevant biomarkers for diagnostics applications (in collaboration with IPREM/UPPA and UA)
  • Improved characterization and sizing of metal nanoparticles by the use of nano second ion mass spectrometry (nanoSIMS), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), single particle (SP)- ICP-MS and hydrodynamic chromatography (HDC)-ICP-MS techniques (in collaboration with IPREM/UPPA)