Contact person: Dr. Janez Ščančar

The environmental research conducted in MASSTWIN is focused to following topics:

  • How to identify transformation products of emerging contaminants, develop and validate multi-residue analytical method(s) including sample pretreatment for the simultaneous determination of organic contaminants, their metabolites and/or transformation products in environmental samples (in collaboration with the Institute for Agricultural and Food Research and Technology - INIA, Spain)
  • Develop ultra-trace level analytical methods for determination of organophosporous and sulphur compounds using GC-ICP-MS (QqQ) (In collaboration with UA)
  • Develop single particle ICP-MS (SP-ICP-MS) and HDC-ICP-MS procedures to follow the occurrence and the fate of NPs in environmental samples (in collaboration with IPREM/UPPA)
  • To advance mass spectrometry techniques to measure multi-elemental isotopic signals of specific Hg and Se compounds with an aid of isotopic labelling tracers, isotopic imaging and isotopic fingerprinting (in collaboration with IPREM/UPPA) 
  • Application of enriched isotopic tracers to follow the fate of nutrients, organic and inorganic contaminants in the environmental compartments (In collaboration with Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research Halle/Saale - UFZ, Germany) 
  • Development of biochemical extraction procedures for extraction of nitrogen species (nitrate, nitrite) from complex matrices for IRMS analyses in studies of efficiency and impacts of agriculture on the environment, in particular the water cycle (in collaboration with UFZ)