5th MS Food DAY and MASSTWIN Exploratory Workshop on the use of MS techniques to trace the food origin and quality of food, Bologna, Italy, October 11-13, 2017 / 16.10.2017

MASSTWIN supported the organization of this year's MS Food DAY, organized by the Mass Spectrometry section of the Italian Chemical Society. Anja Mahne Opatić, the ISO-FOOD fellow, received the Best Poster Award among 73 poster presentations, with her contribution "A preliminary traceability model for tomato using analysis of stable isotopes, elemental content and chemical markers". Click the title for more details.

The MS Food Day is a biannual conference focused on all topics related to the use, methods and applications of mass spectrometry in food, with the main topics including innovations in food safety, quality, authenticity and traceability, foodomics, and methodological and instrumental developments. The MASSTWIN Exploratory Workshop "The use of MS techniques to trace the food origin and quality of food" was a part of the event. 


MASSTWIN was represented by 11 presentations, 7 from Fondazione Edmund Mach (FEM) and 4 from Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI). The presentations were as follows:


Oral presentations: 

Tiziana Nardin (FEM): New methods for Quat Pesticides Analysis Using Cationic Chromatography Coupled with High Resolution Mass Spectrometry

Eugenio Aprea (FEM):  Determination of Volatile Compounds in Apple by SPME/GC-MS and Their Influence on Perceived Sweetness



Michele Pedrotti (FEM): Evaluation of PTR-MS Analysis as Rapid and Non Invasive Tool for Quality Control in Agroindustry: the Effect of Storage and Packaging on Anhydrous Milk Fat

Matteo Perini (FEM): Combining Sugar Analysis and Stable Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry to Detect the Use of Non-Grape Sugars in Balsamic Vinegar Must

Eugenio Aprea: Quantitative Determination of Selected Volatile Compounds in Extravirgin Olive Oils From Tuscan Olive Germoplasm by SPME/GC-MS

Tiziana Nardin (FEM): Untargeted Glycosylated Phenolic Profile in Green Coffee Beans by on-Line Solid Phase extraction and LC-High Resolution Mass Spectrometry (Q-Orbitrap)

Mauro Paolini (FEM): Development of a Fast Gas Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry Method for VOCs Analysis in Oenological Products

Doris Potočnik (JSI): Differentiation of Slovenian Milk Based on the Content and Carbon Isotope Composition of Fatty Acids

Staša Hamzić Gregorčič (JSI): Stable Isotope Oxygen Composition of Slovenian Milk and Possible Use of Lactose as an Internal Standard to Detect Milk Adulteration with Water

Lidija Strojnik (JSI): Optimization of HS-SPME Method Coupled with GC-MSD and GC-C-IRMS for Authentication of Apple Aroma Compounds

Anja Mahne Opatić (JSI): A preliminary Traceability Model for Tomato Using Analysis of Stable Isotopes, Elemental Content and Chemical Markers