MASSTWIN at Food Integrity Conference in Parma, Italy, 10-12 May, 2017 / 6.08.2017

MASSTWIN project and ERA Chair ISO-FOOD organised the Workshop od good risk management requirements, trust and label claims & best practices. It was held in the framework of the Food Integrity Conference in Parma, Italy, on May 10-12, 2017.

The workshop consisted of short talks in the first part of the event an interactive exercise where the participants were divided into three groups, discussing PDO, PGI and organic foods with prof. Federica Camin and Simon Kelly as moderators, and the Conclusions session  wrapping-up the conclusions of group discusions.

Following talks were presented:  

  • Fabio Del Bravo (Ismea, Italy): “Economic role, trend and evolution of PDO/PGI products in Italy and Europe”.

  • Rosa Vano (Castillo de Canena, Spain): “Importance of labelling, consumer sensitivity and quality”.

  • Gerald A. Herrmann (Organic Services GmbH, Germany): “Italy’s Organic Grain Sector comes together and implements an Integrity Management System that combats food fraud”.

  • Marco Nocetti (Consorzio Parmigiano Reggiano, Italy): “Analytical tools for protecting the PDO cheese Parmigiano Reggiano”.

  • Massimo Sacco (Acetificio Ponti, Italy): “Tools for protecting the IGP Aceto Balsamico di Modena”.

  • Francois Guyon ( “Control of wine authenticity: a Label Story!”

 The workshop deepened the themes of economic significance and importance of label claims, and gave to stakeholders and official bodies guidelines for promoting trust in premium products. The MASSTWIN was represented by prof. Nives Ogrinc from JSI, dr. Federica Camin, dr. Luana Bontempo and dr. Matteo Perini from FEM. It proved to be a very lively and participatory experience and an excellent setting for engaging participants from all sectors of food science and management. In presentations and discussions it deepened the themes of economic importance of label claims (the examples chosen were PDO/PGI and organic foods), and how to best promote trust in premium products.